Estimate Process

  •  When your vehicle arrives at our facility, the first step is to draw up an initial estimate based on a preliminary visual inspection and compare it with the estimate done by your insurance company, if you have one.
  • Once you choose our shop for your repair needs, we need to tear down the damaged area of your vehicle. This is an extension of the vehicle inspection where we determine if there is damage that may not have been visible in the check-in process.
  • We will then submit this estimate of the additional damage that was found in the tear down process to your insurance company.  This is called the supplement. Often times an insurance company representative will come out and visually inspect the supplement. This can create a delay in the process.
  • Upon obtaining supplemental approval from your insurance company, we can proceed with ordering parts and repairing your vehicle. Repairs on your vehicle can only begin once the supplemental estimate is approved by your insurance company.


Repair Process

Here at Karas Auto Body, it is important to us that there is no mystery about what we are doing to repair your vehicle. There are several steps in the repair process and while not every vehicle will have to go through all of the steps, most will.

  • The first step is to order all the parts that are needed to complete the job.
  • Frame Repair: Using the frame machine to make sure the frame of the vehicle is straight
  • Mechanical Repair: Repairing or replacing any mechanical part damaged
  • Body Repair: Repairing or replacing any part on the body of the vehicle that is damaged
  • Painting Process: We sand your vehicle, prime, paint and clear coat it
  • After the vehicle is dry, it will be reassembled, then it will go through a Quality Control Inspection, and finally detailed.  We will contact you to let you know when your vehicle is ready for pick up.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q:        Do I have to take my vehicle to an auto collision repair facility chosen by my insurance company?

A:        Absolutely not. Insurance companies’ direct repair programs or preferred shops are simply an option. You may always go to the collision repair shop of your choice. We may or may not be on your insurance company’s preferred list.  There is no body shop that could be on all of the different insurance companies preferred list.  The services to you will be the same either way.

Q:        If I don’t have repairs done at a facility preferred by the insurance company, can I still get a lifetime warranty?

A:        Yes. We are a high quality repair center and offer a lifetime warranty.

Q:        Does my auto insurance work like my health insurance policy, requiring that I stay within a network of providers or incur additional expense?

A:        No. Unlike health insurance, your auto policy allows you to go to the collision repair center of your choice at no extra cost.

Q:        Does my accident have to be turned into my insurance company?

A:        No, many customers prefer to pay for their own repairs so that a claim does not result in higher insurance premiums.

Q:        Do I need an appointment at Karas?

A:        No, But we prefer that you make an appointment so that your wait is as little as possible. Karas can usually accommodate same-day appointments. The initial appointment will take 15-30 minutes where we collect basic information, take photos of damage, and complete documentation required by your insurance company.