We Know Your Fleet Is Important!

We know that keeping your fleet vehicles on the road is an economic necessity for your business! The last thing you need is to have a vehicle tied up in a body shop for weeks as repairs are being waited on. Vehicles not on the road cause costly interruptions in your daily business activities; the down-time and vehicle repairs mean double jeopardy. That’s why Karas Fleet Services is serious about caring for your fleet!

  • Pick-up and delivery of your vehicle is available at no extra charge
  • Preferred timeframes to get your vehicle back on the road through our fast track system
  • If the vehicle is drivable, we will order all of the parts needed to complete repairs before we pick up the vehicle so that it will be back on the road in the shortest period of time possible.
  • We’ll keep your color scheme available so your logos and color schemes will always be consistent and your branding will continue
  • We will agree on special Fleet Pricing that will stay consistent and there will not be any mystery to our pricing structure
  • One estimator will be assigned to your account so that you will be able to keep consistency in your business relationship with us.